About Me

Who I am


I’m Nadja, I was born in Panama City, Panama. I used to work as a project manager until a few months ago. After seeing so many blogs, I was curious and wanted to exploit my creativity, so I restarted my idea of creating a food blog and becoming a full time blogger.

I’m an amateur cook, I’m always thinking of learning about new stuff in the cooking department. Lately I have been inclined to Asian Cuisine, but I definitely ♥ FOOD, no doubt about that haha. When I’m just finishing my breakfast I’m already thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch and most likely dinner 🙂 . Ah did I mention dessert? I’m always thinking it should include chocolate, YUM!

I’m just starting to write about what I like and I hope that I learn a lot along this new journey, also I started to love photography. I absolutely love traveling, and every time I have the opportunity to do so, I will, in order to create new memories and get some new cooking inspirations.

As a child I always loved eating, and enjoyed a lot my mom’s and my grandma’s food. My mom loves to cook (I guess I know now, from whom I got that love for cooking). But I never displayed any cooking enthusiasm until a few years ago (around 2013), when I started a journey for a healthier me.

Since 2015, I started learning Portuguese due to work, but something about it really made me enjoyed continue learning the language and about Brazil (one of the countries which are in my travel wish list). For this reason I wanted to add it to this blog so I can practice what I have learned.

When I’m not cooking, I’m usually visiting local restaurants with my boyfriend (Edgar, who helps me a lot with the technical part of the blog) and friends, or maybe training at home with some fitness videos, taking some healthy cooking classes or just looking for inspiration for new recipes, browsing the internet.

About the Blog


Welcome to my blog Nashi Food, this is a space where I will share my passion for cooking, and traveling. My grandma used to call me “Nashi” hence the name of the blog haha, I decided I could have a reminder of her in this blog.

Here you will find:

  • All kinds of recipes;
  • Starting from some of the typical foods you can try when you visit my country (Panama, which is a really gorgeous place to visit on vacations);
  • Things that I enjoy eating;
  • Some healthier versions of the originals not so healthy food but delicious;
  • My opinions of restaurants you can go to when you are in Panama;
  • Also I will include some of my travel stories and comments about things I did (places I visited, what I ate, etc.).


Hope you enjoy your visit, and Thanks for visiting my blog!